To purchase Femtet®, please follow the procedure below:

1) Fill in "Application for Purchase" below. See Note 1).
2) Read and agree to "License Agreement".
3) Review your application and submit.
4) We will send you your shopping cart on Digital River MyCommerce.
5) Pay the quoted amount there. See Note 2).
6) We will send you a "one-year license key" (v2c file) as soon as the payment is confirmed.

1) The license is not transferable. If you are changing the PC/server from the one you have used for the trial to a different one, please advice so on the message.
2) Please make a payment with your credit card. All the major credit cards are accepted.
3) If you require multiple licenses, please contact the support center.
4) We might not be able to provide you with Femtet® if you are going to use it for military purpose.

Application for Purchase

Note: If you are not the person who has tried Femtet, please advise who you are going to purchase it for in the Message area below.

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CAD Data Translator
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Femtet® License Agreement

Femtet® CAD Data Translator License Agreement

Femtet® Academic License Agreement