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You can use Femtet® Free at free of charge for up to one year.
You can learn basic operations of Femtet such as modeling and simulation.
The system requirements and limitations on functions are described below.

System requirement and limitation

System requirement
Operating System Windows 10 / Windows 8.1 / 8 / 7
CPU Intel IA32 (Pentium, Xeon, Core, Celeron), AMD (Athlon, Opteron, Turion) Based Processor Unit
Not operational on Intel Itanium and Itanium2.
Required Memory Minimum: 512MB
HD Minimum: 1GB
Graphic Screen resolution: over 1024x768, Color: over 16 bits (65000 colors)
Other Excel2000 or newer is required for macro functions.
Mesh/Analysis 3000 Elements(3D Model)
500 Elements(2D Model)
Packages CAD Data Translator is not involved.
Save/Read Models An analysis model which includes maximum three bodies or maximum 30 faces can be saved.
While modeling, the edit of the history is possible,
but when it's saved, information on the history is eliminated.
Reading Model is not limited.
Save/Read Results No limitation.
Import/Export CAD data Importing CAD data(Parasolid format and DXF format) is allowed.
Exporting CAD data is not allowed.
Macro function Macro function can be run within the limited number of mesh elements, bodies, and faces mentioned above.
Expiration date Dec 31, 2018
1) Fill in "Application for Femtet® Free".
2) Read and agree to "Femtet® Free License Agreement".
3) Once you send the application, you will receive our e-mail for the URL to download Femtet® Free installer.

- Femtet® Free will not be provided to you if your simulation is for the military purposes.

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Femtet® Free License Agreement

You can download the agreements.

Femtet® Free License AgreementPDF (PDF: 94KB)